Impact360 Alliance

Impact360 Alliance

Impact360 Alliance

For Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental Events

How can we amplify the power of researchers and practitioners who work on natural hazards and disasters? How can we more effectively activate knowledge and encourage collaboration towards evidence-based solutions for risk reduction? That’s where Impact360 comes in.

Impact360 aims to amplify the efforts of professionals and organizations who work to reduce natural hazard impacts and disaster risk. We increase the capacity of researchers and practitioners to solve problems collaboratively and creatively. To do so we promote the integration of knowledge and approaches across relevant disciplines and fields.

Impact360 connects researchers, practitioners, needs, and resources to create problem-focused professional communities that can design scalable solutions. We facilitate inclusive problem solving that emphasizes needs-based cycles of knowledge and action focused on natural hazards and disasters. We can support you through design and facilitation services for creative problem solving, capacity building events, and tools and toolkits to help researchers and practitioners communicate, collaborate, and co-create.

The idea of Impact360 Alliance was crafted through a series of interdisciplinary workshops and working groups facilitated between 2013 and 2017. Our formation is due to collaborative efforts of a large network of researchers and practitioners, as well as resources provided by ImpactWX, NOAA, University of Oklahoma, and University of Washington. The inaugural Director of Impact360 Alliance is Dr. Scott Miles, who is supported by a steering committee of experienced researchers and practitioners.

As a startup nonprofit organization, our goal is to elevate the interconnected nature of research and practice to activate integrative approaches for reducing impacts of natural hazards and disasters. We work to make traditional research-practice boundaries more permeable to foster increased collaboration between university, government, and private sector organizations and professionals.

Impact360 believes in the power of the collective knowledge and experience of researchers and practitioners. Do you believe solving problems related to natural hazards and disasters requires researchers and practitioners to collaborate and co-create better? If so, Impact360 Alliance wants to connect with you, whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or both: