The ImpactWX Genesis Grant provides small grants to people and community organizations that are focused on developing new ideas related to severe weather response and awareness.

ImpactWX is a Toronto-based social impact fund with a mission to enable organizations that, through scientific understanding and public awareness, work to improve people’s response and safety during severe weather events. We are proud to have experience partnering with world-class organizations that actively move the needle on our understanding of severe weather and are thrilled to introduce a new stream of community-oriented funding through the ImpactWX Genesis Grant.

Aligned with our mission, this fund seeks to support initiatives that can improve people’s response and safety during severe weather events. The ImpactWX Genesis Grant has a specific interest in initiatives that promote innovation, creativity and opportunities, as aligned with our core principles.

ImpactWX Genesis Grant will provide funding for 4 successful applicants/projects with $25,000 per recipient in 2022.

Core Principles / Focus

Create Opportunities

  • Create opportunities for community and public engagement
  • Enable educational and learning experiences

Promote Innovation

  • Promote human-centred innovation and design
  • Develops and tests new concepts and ideas


Eligible applicants

We invite applications from individuals, groups and collaborators such as local community groups, researchers, artists, collectives, non-profits, public sector agencies, and registered charities. If you are not already a charity, you must include a Canadian charitable trustee as a partner.  A charitable trustee is required to administer funds, but it is not necessary to be a programming partner in the project. Private for-profit businesses may not be the sole applicant but can be part of an application as a partner.


Applicant must be located in Canada; impacts must be felt in Canada.


The grant duration is 12 months; ideas/projects should be achievable within 12 months of receiving the grant.

Grant can cover:

  • Operational and staff costs of directly delivering the project, core activities and/or ongoing work
  • Research development
  • Planning, public consultation, and community outreach
  • Capital costs
  • Programming and event costs
  • Honorariums to people directly associated with implementing the project
  • Website development or online activities

Grant will not fund:

  • Previously incurred costs
  • Contributions to a general fundraising campaign
  • Activities or projects that duplicate existing work


What is the grant timeline?

Sunday, November 6, 2022, at 11:59 PM EST: Applications due.
Early January 2023: All applicants are notified of their status.
End of January 2023: Successful applicants must submit grant documents and wire transfer information.
Mid-February 2023: Funds sent to successful applicants. December 2023: Impact report due.

What examples of activities can be funded through the ImpactWX Genesis Grant?

This grant is highly exploratory, and we are eager to learn what kind of work is being done to advance our understanding of community awareness, response and safety during severe weather events. Some examples of activities that could be funded are, but are not limited to:

  • Art exhibits, documentaries or installations
  • Educational programming
  • Research
  • App or technology development
  • Activating or creating solutions to protect vulnerable communities from extreme heat or cold
What is the difference between extreme or severe weather?

Severe weather is, in general, any destructive weather, usually applied to such things as tornadoes, damaging winds, large hail, heavy snow, ice storms, etc.

In Canada, for example, Environment and Climate Change Canada specifically defines summer severe weather as tornadoes, wind gusts of 90 km/h or more, hail with diameter of 2 cm or more, and heavy rain (with thresholds that are regionally dependent).

Extreme weather, on the other hand, is severe weather that has a size, intensity or even time of year well beyond what is typically expected based on past observations. This includes violent (EF4-5) tornadoes, wind gusts of 130 km/h or more, hail with a diameter of 5 cm or more, prolonged periods of intense heat or cold, an ice storm with accretions that cripple infrastructure, or a heavy snow event in southern Ontario in May. Extreme weather events, due to their unusual nature, are far less frequent than severe weather events.

We need funding to support our core activities, not a project. Can we apply?

Yes, core funding activities are eligible for the ImpactWX Genesis Grant, with the condition that there is alignment to the grant’s mandate and core principles.

What is Submittable, and how is ImpactWX using it?

Submittable is a secure and trusted grant management platform that ImpactWX is using to manage the grant process. As an applicant, you must create an account with Submittable to apply. Once you have an account, you can access the grant application, save your progress, and view status updates. Should your application be successful, Submittable will also be used to collect grant documents and reporting.

How do I learn about the outcome of my application?

The ImpactWX team will inform each applicant of their status through email notification and a status update on Submittable.

Our grant application has been approved – what happens next?

If your grant application is approved, we will reach out to collect signatures for the grant letters and collect wire transfer information.

How are funds distributed?

Funds will be distributed via wire transfer.

What are the expectations for engaging with ImpactWX?

Towards the end of the 1-year grant term, our team will reach out to request a 2-3 page impact report and have a conversation to understand the grant’s impacts, lessons learned and next steps.

What does ImpactWX look for in a strong application?

A strong application should include:

  1. Ability to demonstrate alignment with the mandate of ImpactWX and at least one of the two core principles of the grant
  2. Ability to clearly and concisely communicate concepts and ideas, bringing the application to life in a compelling way
  3. Very well-developed supporting materials, including the budget, timeline, and milestones